Natural Male Enhancement: What Are the Options and Do They Work?

Ask just about any guy around the world if he would like to have a bigger penis and if he doesn’t say yes, chances are he is not being completely honest. Even guys who are above average in penis size wonder if they really measure up. It’s a natural insecurity that almost every man has experienced at one point or another in his life.

But for some, it’s much more than that.

Some men, whether through genetics or hormonal issues, are significantly smaller than normal. As a result, it has a serious effect on their confidence and sexual performance. It becomes a constant source of worry and fear that when the time comes to perform sexually, they won’t be able to satisfy their partner and they will be overcome with shame and embarrassment.

When this happens, the natural thing to do is to seek a solution that can safely add size and restore confidence.

Because this is such a problem for so many men, it has unfortunately attracted numerous unscrupulous marketers who promote penis enlargement product that promise miraculous results virtually overnight. Every day online we are bombarded with such claims.

With so many different options available, how do you decide which ones work and which male enhancement solution is best for you?

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the more popular penis enlargement methods on the market today and examine which ones show the most promise for increasing penis size.
Penis Enlargement Creams – You have probably seen these advertised online in recent years, with claims of miraculous results with regular use. While research has shown that some of these creams can help with blood flow to the penis, which can aid in erection firmness, they do nothing on their own to promote penis enlargement.

Penis Enlargement Pills – Similar to creams, there are now a number of companies offering herbal penis enlargement pills and making dubious claims about the results they can deliver. Again like creams, these pills claim to work by increasing blood flow to the penis. This can provide some temporary benefits, but the fact is, when taken alone, most of these pills do nothing to enlarge or extend the penis.

You should also be aware of the ingredients in these pills. While most use herbal ingredients that have few side effects, some may carry risks like dizziness or increased heart rate. There have also been a number of pill manufacturers that have been exposed as outright scams by news outlets and law enforcement authorities in recent years.

Natural male enhancement with Penis Pumps – Penis pumps are another potential option for penis enlargement. Penis pumps work by creating a vacuum around the penis. As a result of the pressure created, the soft tissue in the penis becomes engorged with blood, creating a thicker and larger erection. However, this result is only temporary, lasting only 20-30 minutes after use. While penis pumps can be effective if used immediately before sex, they are not a permanent solution for penis enlargement.

It should also be noted that these pumps have been reported to cause painful injuries, such as lumps and bruising caused by damaged capillaries and blood vessels. And in some cases, penis pumps can actually increase curvature of the penis rather than correcting the problem.

Penis Surgery – There are basically two types of penis surgery: surgery to make the penis longer and surgery to make the penis wider. Both types can be risky and expensive while only offering marginal benefits.

Surgery to lengthen the penis most commonly involves cutting the ligament connecting the penis to the pelvic bone, which allows more of the shaft to extend outside the body. On average this procedure adds less than an inch to the length of the penis and usually requires the use of weights or stretching exercises to prevent the ligament from reattaching.

Widening the penis usually involves injecting fat from other parts of the body into the penis shaft. This can lead to disappointing results, however, because over time, most of the fat gets reabsorbed into the body. The result can be asymmetry or curvature of the penis.

Penis Stretching with Weights – This method, as the name implies, involves hanging weights from the end of the flaccid penis in order to stretch it and make it longer. In theory this can work. But for any noticeable results you would have to wear these weights for about eight hours a day over a period of six months or more – and even then, there’s no guarantee.

In addition, this technique is not without potentially serious risks, including torn ligaments, cutting, scarring, bruising, and complete loss of circulation.

Penis Extenders – Of all the male enhancement products and methods available today, penis extenders show perhaps the most promise in terms of real results with few or no side effects or risks. Penis extenders work by applying gentle, steady pressure, or traction, to the length of the penis. The idea is to create small micro tears and cell duplication within the penile tissue. As the tissue heals and cell duplication occurs, the penis will become larger – much like a muscle grows from lifting weights.

The penis extension concept is backed by numerous studies and testimonials that appear to support the validity of the method. However, while there are a number of penis extenders on the market, not all are created equal and great care must be taken when selecting the right product.

If you are considering investing your time and money into any of these penis enlargement methods, it’s important to make sure you do thorough research. If you are considering one of these techniques, here are some things to look for when choosing a male enhancement product.

– Are there scientific studies that support the claims made by the manufacturer?

– Are there real testimonials from real users?

– Has the product been reviewed and/or endorsed by medical professionals?

– How long has the product been on the market?

– Will the product be comfortable and easy to use?

– What are the risks associated with the method?

– Does the manufacturer offer a money-back guarantee?

While all of the techniques discussed in this article can work to some degree, most of them involve risks which may not be worth the effort. But continuing to suffer the embarrassment and mental shame of having a small penis can be far riskier.

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