Curved Penis – Is This A Problem?

Having a curved penis is considerably more typical than you could naturally suspect. A lot of penises bend up, down, to the left or right.

Connect audience Travis expresses “growing up [with a bended penis] I had a couple of instabilities.”

He says twisted peeps weren’t usually found in pornography which caused him to feel something wasn’t quite right about him.

“As I began engaging in sexual relations it ended up being very profitable in light of the fact that I had a high hit rate with hitting ladies’ sweet spots in view of its state and I never had any protests,” Trav says.

All in all, is it alright to have a bowed part or would it be a good idea for you to have it looked at? What’s more, improves?


The penis is a water powered framework with three chambers that load up with blood to give you an erection.

“With bends, what can now and again happen is that you can foster scars or thickening of the connective tissue that is on one or the other side of the chambers,” Dr George says.

“We don’t basically have the foggiest idea what causes this, it very well may be an immune system sickness, it very well may be inherited yet the most grounded hypothesis is microtrauma (ie, little injuries, scars or breaks).”


You can cause that moment harm in a wide range of ways, similar to your masturbation hold. “Assuming you’re a tight wanker, there’s an opportunity it could bend somehow,” Dr George says.


Assuming you have a miserly masturbation procedure or when you were more youthful you fostered a specific preference for frottage (or scouring your penis against stuff), that could do microtrauma on one side of the penis and that could prompt basically a scar shaping on that side of the chamber which implies it’s somewhat more tight with implies the penis would bend to that side.”


This is absolutely fine and typical assuming it’s a slight twist, and there’s no aggravation. Assuming your bend is more boomerang than scimitar, you could have Peyronie’s illness, and you should have that looked at.

Around 5% of individuals have a plaque of thickening of the coating of the penis of some kind or another, however it’s more normal in more established individuals.


There’s two stages to Peyronie’s: the intense stage when the injury initially occurs, which will be difficult. You could feel a thickened region on your penis and it’ll be sore. This can occur during sex, playing sport, or some other way you could place your dong in danger.

Assuming you notice you have an agonizing region on the penis it’s truly critical to take a brief trip and see your primary care physician.


In stage two, the torment will ultimately die down and you’ll be left with this thickened area of skin.

“Assuming the penis twist is causing critical issues like you’re not ready to enter, that is a major issue and it is beneficial to address,” says Dr Chris Fox, Senior Lecturer in Sexual Health (Sexology) at University of Sydney.


A medical device called Sizegenetics proves to be useful. It is a solution suggested by specialists, and an extra advantage of utilizing SizeGenetics is the expansion and thickening of the penis.


Improves at sex?

While bended dicks aren’t as usually spoken about or found in pornography, they can have benefits in the room.

“I’ve had only sparkling surveys about how it feels” one unknown Hook Up audience told us.

One more said “I have a delicate bend to one side, I used to have confidence issues about it yet since hearing I could hit a few one of a kind spots from several accomplices, I’ve felt pretty talented to be straightforward.”

Elle from Melbourne let us know her ex’s bended dick “was shockingly great. It bended up, similar to a banana shape, most certainly on the off chance that I was on top it just felt totally crazy! How it was formed most certainly made the sex that vastly improved.”


“I wouldn’t agree that there’s a benefit to a bended dick, notwithstanding, a bended cockerel could prompt delight in manners that a straight penis may not” ,” Dr Chris Fox says.

In the event that your dick has a vertical or descending bend, it very well may be impeccably molded for your accomplice’s sweet spot or prostate.


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