How To Get A Bigger Penis?

With more and more men becoming unhappy about the length of their penis, it is now more and more prevailing to find products online and in stores now that offer penis enlargement tools.

male enhancementIn the past, men ran to chaotic and painful surgery to get enlargement, but now there are more options – one of the options is a tool by a company called SizeGenetics.

An article that was in the Journal of the British Association of Urological Surgeons finds that in ten different studies, they all focused on the surgical and non-surgical methods of penis enlargement, it showed that using old traction methods were the most effective at enlarging your penis and increasing the length.

They were both split 50/50 in surgical and nonsurgical, and the studies looked at two hundred and thirty different men. Two of the studies had looked at the traction methods which use to increase penis length, regardless of whether you have an erection or not.

One of the studies showed that researches from Turin, in Italy, found that out of 21 patients with an average age of 46, and 17 of these men completed the full trial. However, all of the men that left had either found the product had worked fine and needed no further help, one dropped out because he failed to adhere to rules, and one left because of work commitments.

The average increase in length when flaccid was around 1 inch, and the increase when erect was 67 inches, researchers declared at the end that traction methods are actually viable and work fine!

How to Get a Bigger Penis Naturally

This brings us back to the power of Size Genetics, and their new traction device. SizeGenetics extender is easily one of the most competent traction systems available on the internet. It comes with a really unique comfort setting, which goes sixteen ways, making it comfortable to wear for a lengthy period of time, and the longer you actually wear it – the longer the end result will be, so to speak.

There was a story about a long-term and long-time user of the tool seeing an incredible difference of 8.7 inches in size – 8.7 inches! This is just from wearing it constantly.

The SizeGenetics extender kit also comes with some great components. The best component is the safety and comfort kit that we just discussed, but you also get free exercise and techniques that allow you to work on your ejaculation period and how to control yourself better in bed.

SizeGenetics most certainly works, it has too many proven results to say it does not. You can find countless testimonials and, should you need it, photographic evidence, to prove the success of it. However, should you use it and not find yourself pleased with the result – you can file for a complete refund within six months.

SizeGenetics extender, a Nottingham based company, ship products out time and time again and there are no reports of anything untoward going on – it is good to see a genuine company out there who are trying to provide a solution to a very big problem for some men.

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