Penile Length and Girth

The team’s analysis shows that the average flaccid, pendulous penis is 9.16 centimeters (3.61 inches) long; The length of an erect penis is typically 13.12 cm, or 5.16 inches. A flaccid penis has a girth of 9.31 cm (3.66 inches) and an erect penis has a girth of 11.66 cm (4.59 inches).

We asked only one question: is a penis length of 13.12 cm enough for you?

We asked this question to women aged 21-45. 9,768 women of various nationalities took part in the survey. We conducted this survey in early January 2023.

The results we received were shocking: 86.2% of women felt that such a length of the penis is insufficient. Only 6% of women answered that this length is sufficient. The other women had no opinion.

There are several conclusions, here are the most important:

  1. Penis size is important for women
  2. Magazines, the media and even some doctors try to tell us that mediocrity is enough.


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